Veterans Employment Services Program

The Salvation Army Haven Veterans Employment Services Program has been providing quality employment services exclusively to unemployed and underemployed Veterans since 2009. In a very competitive job market, we help veterans leverage their veterans status, passions and skills to stand out in front of HR recruiters and hiring managers. The Haven works in partnership with our veteran clients and together, we have achieved employment success - over 70% of our clients have obtained jobs or better jobs.

 Our clients are diverse, ranging from recently returning to those being out of the service for longer periods of time; veterans of all ranks and MOS; veterans with no civilian work experience to veterans with significant civilian work experience; veterans  with no or some higher education to veterans with Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Are You a Veteran?

Since each veteran is unique, the Haven takes a customized approach to each veteran that we serve by providing customized job preparation services matched to the veteran's needs, interests and qualifications. Services include:

  • Resume enhancement
  • Cover letter or employment application assistance
  • Mock interviews
  • Targeted job search
  • Connection with employer partners
  • Connection with community resources
  • Presenting veterans as pre-screened candidates to employers
  • Job related supportive service, i.e. interview attire, gas cards, work related clothes or tools

Are You an Employer? Veterans are good for the bottom line!

We are successful in helping organizations build their workforce because we:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your organizations culture and structure
  • Conduct in-depth screening for specific job and skill requirements
  • Refer only the most qualified veterans for each position
  • Offer assistance in obtaining state and federal tax credits.

Military Veterans Offer:

  • Leadership
  • Advanced Team-building Skills
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Action
  • Strong Organizational Commitment
  • Efficient Performance Under Pressure
  • Respect for Procedures • Adept at Skills Transfer Across Contexts
  • Exhibit High Levels of Resiliency

For more information, please drop by our office or call!

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Van Nuys, CA 91411
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West Los Angeles County
11301 Wilshire Blvd, Building 212
Los Angeles, CA 90073
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South Los Angeles County
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